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Smartphone that will destroy the iPhone lovers!

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Smartphone that will destroy the iPhone lovers!

Perhaps what distinguishes the Android system from the rest of the other systems is the availability of many phones and devices with this operating system from more than one company, this diversity is what shows the power of Android. So you will find hundreds of thousands of models was not either in the smart phone or the rest of the other devices, and the user can choose what he wants according to their needs and purchasing power, unlike the iPhone, for example, in this article you will learn about a very powerful phone compete with the most powerful phones in the world, and is one of the models that proverbial in the strength of Android devices.

Phone we are talking about is the last American company Motorola devices Her credited with inventing the first mobile phone in the world and the rich from the definition. The new phone is "motorola droid turbo 2" unveiled by the company in cooperation with Verizon Telecom, which features strongly specifications and His Excellency design.
Very interesting in this new phone is the type of glass used in the display, which is considered the strongest and bears the dings and dents of up to four Snoat.kzlk this phone is characterized by a strong battery as well as the two-day without re for the rest of the phone specifications are as follows:

Design did not come in a new design is maintained Motrula adopted by the company, I do not know why he did not excel in this area! , Though the form of a good phone, very good manufacturing quality explains the endurance and durability that the advantage of the power of this phone.

You can also take advantage of the "Design refresh" feature that enables you to change the design of the phone once every two years, in addition to the possibility of changing color depending on your taste.
Phone screen are very fairy in size 5.4-inch 1440 × 2560-pixel precision, pixel density of 544 per inch display AMOLED, a stunning image quality. The only negative where it will not be clear under the sun.
We come for the processor, it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 eight-core frequency of 2.5GHz. They are either random memory capacity of 3 GB, and also comes with 2 GB of storage capacity. As it is 32.64 GB can be increased up to 2 terabytes :), yes, my friend!

As well as the camera of powerful features in this phone, as it comes with a camera background precisely 21 megapixels, with dual flash LED, either front accurately they are 5 megapixels geared for fans of the Salafi .aljamil also said you quick access to the camera just wrap the phone right and left quickly.

Strong phone battery, it comes with a capacity of 3760 mAh, you can use the phone for a day without a recharge. Also comes the advantage of fast shipping, after one hour you can charge the phone to 80 percent! In addition to all this it also supports wireless charging through standard "QA '," which is considered the best standard for charging smartphones wirelessly, supports as well as "NFC" technology.

As for the phone operating system is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, in what the company promised that the renovation Marshmallow 6.0 will be launched soon to the phone.

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